Sunday, March 15, 2015

Woodcock Watch

Tim Houghton is Chesapeake Audubon's field trip director, and if you've ever been on one of his trips - you know he will find the bird for you!  Tonight we were in search of Timberdoodles, or the American Woodcock.  This is the prime time of year to hear them "peent" and watch them perform their mating display.  They are related to sandpipers, but prefer moist woods where they can eat their favorite food - worms.

We heard many of them in the thicket, one stayed in the mowed grass under the Home Depot parking light so everybody got a good luck.  Two flew just to relocate, and one flew very high, but the wind was brisk so it was not an ideal night to see their "skydance".

Tim remarked that you can see them display for the next few weeks.  Read more about this interesting bird and hear them "peent"  on Audubon's online bird field guide:

Tim teaching us about the Timberdoodles
American Woodcock (photo from Widipedi)

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