Sunday, March 29, 2015

Signs of Spring Walk at Patapsco

Eight intrepid CAS members braved freezing temperatures for an
incongruously-named :Signs of Spring" walk on March 28, 2015.  The leader
had expected sunny skies, warm temperatures and singing birds, but got
precious few of these.  Nevertheless, a fun time was had by all: Doris,
Diane, Jimmy, Rosemary, Dave, Sandy, Debi and Bryan.  Best bird was a FOY
eastern phoebe, although it was not singing its eponymous song.  Good to
see one of our earliest returning migrants.  Among the other signs of
spring were budding spicebush, leaves of toothwort and spring beauty,
flowering Pennsylvania bittercress and skunk cabbage, and a flock of
opening day trout fishermen.  The leader went directly home after the walk
and took a long hot bath.

Bryan MacKay

Skunk Cabbage flower
photo by Debi MacKay

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