Friday, November 14, 2014

Patterson Park Friday Bird Walk

Brrr - it was in the low 30's with a small breeze as we started our walk this morning.  As I was waiting for the participants to gather, a large flock of Robins and Juncos flew over.   I've seen large groups of Robins in my own neighborhood lately, searching for berries to sustain them for their journey to points south.

The trees were in various stages of color.  Some completely free of leaves, others a brilliant orange or red like this one, and a few still holding on to their green.  A few Hermit Thrush were seen perched on low branches or below the trees.  We also spotted a Gold-crowned Kinglet on our walk down to the lake.

The Boat Lake looked beautiful as well.  We spotted Mallards, a Coot,  and the persistent Muscovy Ducks and hybrids.  The Ring-Necked Ducks and other migrants should be arriving shortly.

The Great Blue Heron was frozen in this position while we walked on the boardwalk.  An Eastern Phoebe was darting for insects nearby.

One of the Muscovy hybrids that seemed to be following us.  Some of his (or her) offspring can be seen in the background.

A surprise as we walked back towards the fountain!  I was hoping to see an American Woodcock - but we usually spot them near the Boat Lake.  These interesting birds unfortunately commonly crash into the buildings in Baltimore City during migration if the lights are left on at night.  We wish this one well.

Species total today - 18. 
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The next walk at the park will be with Audubon staff on Thanksgiving weekend - Saturday, Nov. 29th.  Work off those mashed potatoes!

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