Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mount Pleasant Farm Bird Walk

A beautiful day, especially earlier in the morning before the wind picked up, for the congenial participants. Nothing super awesome but we found plenty of nice birds; we also did not find a number of expected migrants, such as yellow-bellied sapsucker. Overall, the birding was fairly active a good deal of the time. We had 51 species. Probably Lincoln's Sparrow was our bird of the day b/c of the fantastic and lengthy views we had. Beautifully marked and colored--and the head, close up, in sunlight, is crisp and unique, subtly colored. 

Other nice birds: osprey, pileated, bald eagle, raven, winter wren, BROWN CREEPER, black-throated-blue warbler, both kinglets, and at least EIGHT purple finches (2 male, 6 female).

PS--I forgot to mention the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak atop a tree with a Robin and Cedar Waxwing--near the bridge to the swale. It's considered by eBird to be rare/late right now; it wasn't on the eBird checklist, which is why I forgot it earlier. Thanks to Denis Muller for spotting it. Thanks to everyone for spotting birds--a good group effort this morning!
Tim Houghton
(Glen Arm)
Lincoln's Sparrow at feeder.  Photo by Wikipedia


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