Sunday, May 20, 2012

Susquehanna State Park

May 13, 2012

23 people attended a Chesapeake Audubon bird walk today at Susquehanna State Park, 7:30-1:00, with 2 people starting the trip early and 2 people ending it--but 23 for much of the time at the Mill and then at the Picnic Area.

THANKS to all the people--all those good ears and eyes--especially on such a relatively "slow" day (but not slow at first!).

Initially, several Louisiana Waters and a Yellow Warbler on Craig's Corner Road--and a striking Barred Owl very close to the road for awhile.

The whole group started at the Mill around 8am (Rock Run and Stafford) and the birding was excellent--delaying the time when we got to picnic. We had great views of a Blackburnian Warbler, Cerulean Warbler, Prothonotary Warbler, and Louisiana Waterthrush. Also Great-Crested Flycatcher, both Orioles, Rough-Winged Swallows, Indigo Buntings, and Cedar Waxwings. These birds seen by just about everyone.

Activity at the picnic area was MUCH less than it has been of late (perhaps a combination of the warm weather--by the time we got there--and not as many migrants). Fewer birds, fewer species. Highlights were a Yellow-Throated Warbler (not singing, at the entrance), Scarlet Tanager, Kentucky Warbler (1, not singing), and Chats. (No blue-winged, unfortunately.) Also good views of a Yellow-Throated Vireo.

Finally, a couple of us walked a little bit of the Deer Creek Trail--not much there, but we did manage incredibly great views of a Yellow-Throated Warbler (not singing), a Yellow-Throated Vireo, and an Acadian Flycatcher.

Some of the birds, including all 21 warblers, numbers to the best of my recollection:

Yellow Warbler (1, pump house area, in tall tree by creek)
Prothonotary (6, scattered locations)
Parula (lots, widespread)
Black-Throated Blue (6+)
Cerulean Warbler (4 or so)
Canada (2)
Yellow-Rumped (6)
Magnolia (1, at the mill)
Blackpoll (lots, widespread)
Black-Throated Green (2-3)
Chestnut-Sided (2)
Blackburnian (1, great view, and singing)
Yellow-Throated (2, no singing at all from this species)
Chat (5)
Ovenbird (thinly spread throughout)
Northern Waterthrush (1, Stafford Road canal)
Louisiana Waterthrush  (5)
Worm-Eating (1, woods/slope on Stafford)
Common Yellowthroat (quite a few)
Kentucky (1, not singing)
Redstart (lots)
Yellow-Throated Vireo (4)
Warbling Vireo (many)
White-Eyed Vireo (3)
Red-Eyed Vireo (many)
Spotted Sandpiper (1)
Baltimore Oriole (many)
Orchard Oriole (good numbers)
Scarlet Tanager (4-5)
Indigo Buntings (many)
Field Sparrow (several)
Cedar Waxwing (large numbers, different locations)
Bluebird (good numbers)
Pileated Woodpecker (2-3)
Acadian Fly (many)
Osprey (several at least)
Barred Owl (1)
Hummer (2)
Phoebe (at least 1)
Peewee (8+)
Both Vultures

Thanks again to all the participants.

Tim Houghton

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