Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oriole Day - Cromwell Valley Park

It was a perfect day to spot Orioles, and many other birds.  At least a hunded people showed up to attend bird walks, a bug walk, and five senses walk.  Kids had fun too, and could either make their own pair of binoculars -

or a bird's nest -

or play the "Great Migration Game"

And the owl from Phoenix Wildlife Center was a huge hit -

Many organizations brought displays:

Chesapeake Audubon Society
Master Gardeners
Lights Out Baltimore (and Baltimore Bird Club) 
Also present were Maryland Natural History Society, Harford Glen (Checkerspot Butterfly Project),  Wild Bird Center, and Cromwell Valley Park Council.  Many thanks go to Justine from Cromwell Valley for organizing such a fun event, and Owen Bamford from Chesapeake Audubon who helped with our logistics.  Hope to see everybody there next year!

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