Sunday, September 27, 2015

Swan Harbor Farm (Harford County) Bird Walk

Eight of us had a great time birding Swan Harbor this morning. A lot of walking AND A TON OF PALM WARBLERS. Not much in or around the marsh--so dry. The new impoundments were nice with sparrows, including several Savannah and one Lincoln's. And the loop trail in the woods was productive in a couple of spots.  Got a winter wren late in the day. Only two shorebirds. The thing we will remember is all the palm warblers--many of both types--and many others we didn't ID b/c so many. 

Some birds:

--Sharpie (2)
--Cooper's (1)
--both yellowlegs, one each
--winter wren (1)
--Yellow Palm (20+), Western (10+), not ID'd (10)
--Magnolia Warbler  (1)
--Parula (2)
---Redstart (2)
--Ovenbird (2)
--Savannah Sparrow (4)
--Lincoln's Sparrow (1)
--Swamp Sp. (3)

Tim Houghton
(Glen Arm)

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