Sunday, July 21, 2013

Patterson Park Friday Bird Walk

No one showed up for the walk this AM due to the rain, but since I had driven all that way - I decided to walk the "route" and see what I could find in this beautiful urban park.  Swifts were already soaring overhead,  Mockers were scolding, and numerous juvenile and adult Robins were pulling up worms left and right.  As I headed down to the pond, I spotted an Eastern Phoebe, House Wren, and the usual pesky Starlings.
The famous Boat Lake.
A Red-winged Blackbird taking shelter.

A bad picture, but the 4 Moscovy ducklings are much bigger, and actually look like gigantic Mallard ducklings.   The best birds of the day were 3 adult and one juvenile Black-crowned Night Herons!

Some scenes from the butterfly and wetland gardens:

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