Monday, May 20, 2013

Oriole Day at Cromwell Valley Park

To celebrate the return of the Orioles, Cromwell Valley Park invited adults and children alike to participate in bird and nature walks, games, and exhibits.  The rain stayed away for us as we spotted Baltimore and Orchard Oriole nests and birds, and much more.

People of all ages came to participate in the event.  You can see Hugh Simmons in the background with a Great-horned Owl from  Phoenix Wildlife Center.

Richard Schurmann helped represent our table.

Joanne spoke to people about the Eastern Bluebirds and other wildlife that can be found at Cromwell Valley.

The Wild Bird Center is always a wecome sight at Oriole Day.
Phoenix Wildlife Center also brought a Terrapin and Black Vulture.

The Herp Atlas folks.

Baltimore Bird Club and Lights Out Baltimore

Robin Schless helped kids create colorful hummingbird mobiles.

An eagle's nest grew much bigger.... the event progressed.

Kids learned about the many dangers migrating birds encounter as they played the popular migratory bird game.
Thanks again to Justine Schaeffer, a naturalist at Cromwell Valley, her staff and volunteers, for organizing such a fun event.  Plan on spending the morning with us in 2014!

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