Saturday, July 28, 2012

Patterson Park Audubon Bird Walk

Patterson Park Audubon led their monthly "Urban Birding" walk this morning led by Maryland/DC Audubon's Director of Bird Conservation Dave Curson.

The group meets at the fountain and then winds its way around the community gardens and down to the pond.  Here we're looking at Great Crested Flycatchers which nested in the park this season.  Chimney Swifts were plentiful, and we also spotted a juv. Carolina Wren.

At the duck pond, we noticed the mallards were going through their yearly molt, and the males look very similar to the females except for their bill color.  They are flightless during this time.

Black-crowned Night Herons call the park home - this one is preening itself on the island.
A few Canada Geese were mixed in with the Mallards.  One Black Duck had recently arrived.

Marsh Hibiscus was blooming.

A migrant Northern Parula was in the trees by the boardwalk - a nice surprise.  Other birds noted were Flicker, Osprey, Red-winged Blackbird, Goldfinch, Tree Swallow, Barn Swallow, Robin, and House Finch.  The next scheduled walk is Saturday, August 25th - binoculars are available to borrow if you don't have any.  Early migrants should be passing through then - please join in!

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