Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Centennial Lake

There were more joggers than birds on this overcast, misty morning, but we were treated to many gorgeous cherry trees:
We only spotted Canada Geese, Mallards, and a Pied-billed Grebe on the lake, but noted about a dozen Yellow-rumped Warblers in the trees.  White-throats and Juncos were still found in the brush, a lone tree swallow was working the lake, Bluebirds and Flickers were near the entrance, and Red-wings were calling along the shore.

Other birds noted were Red-shouldered Hawk, Downy and Hairy Woodpecker, WB Nuthatch, a Great Blue Heron, Song, Swamp, and Chipping Sparrows. 

Last year at this time, there were lots of waterfowl on the lake, the warmer temperatures probably moved them north early.  After walking the 2.4 mile circuit with a few detours, we headed over to Mimi's Cafe for a hearty brunch.

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